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Casino Bonus Wagering and Limitations

Posted by Cashbackadmin on October 12th, 2014 at 7:48 pm

no casino bonus Although online casinos will lead you to believe that the bonuses they offer always benefit you, the truth is that there is a hidden downside when receiving these bonuses from an online casino and on today’s post we are going to expand on the pros and cons related to the casino bonus offers in full details. An analysis of various online casino bonuses shows that when players stay away from them they could actually increase their winning chances. Also the fact that casino bonuses cahsback will give you free cashback you can be sure there are no strings attached, and unlike online casinos bonuses your money will be available with no restrictions what so ever. After reading our findings we are confident that you will make the right decision for yourself regarding accepting bonuses from online casinos however, no matter what your decision is we will be able and willing to offer you cashback as long as you will register from the links on our website. Enjoy the reading!

By law, online casinos are required to publicize the terms and conditions of the bonuses they offer to their players. The fine print on any casino bonus states that they are dependent upon a wagering limitation or pay through rule. The pay through rule and the wagering limitation are always designed to benefit the casino, never the player. Although online casinos run ads that would lead you to believe that the wagering limitations are in your best interest, the truth is that they are not. Whether an online casino is offering any type of bonus, as well as free spins, they are offering them to benefit themselves and only themselves.

Playthrough and Wagering Requirements Explained
The wagering requirement/playthrough indicates how much you need to wager in order to qualify to win or cash out any money. It is calculated by taking the deposit you make and adding the amount of money you get as bonuses from the casino. The total of that amount is then multiplied (usually by 20 or 30) to determine how much money you must wager using the bonus from the casino in order to actually be able to keep your winnings.

These examples will illustrate what all of this means for you as an online casino player.

100% Match Bonus

If you are offered a 100% deposit bonus with a maximum deposit of $300 and the wagering requirement is 30X this means you will have deposited $300 into an account with the online casino of your choice and the casino match your deposits with $300 of their own for a grand total of $600.

You will not be allowed to withdraw any winnings you accumulate from betting/playing with that $600 until you meet the 30X wagering requirement. This means you have to place bets equivalent to $1800 before you are allowed to withdraw the money you have won. On average you would have to play anywhere from three hours to four hours in order to bet the entire $1800. The playing time is a great risk for you which can lead to a loss of your initial deposit.

Match Bonus Wagering Limitations

As if these bonuses weren’t restricted enough every casino has their own limitation on wagering. Usually the games that come with the least of a house edge are either not permitted in a particular online casino or are extremely limited. The casino will not let you use your wagering in these games to apply the amount of money you need to wager in order to keep your bonus. Some casinos even restrict which games you can play with the bonus cash received.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

With No Deposit Casino Bonuses there is no wagering requirement on your own money as you are not required to complete any tranaction. This may sound as a great news at first however, once you have registered with a casino for a No Deposit Bonus you will receive the free cash with terms and conditions which most likely state that there is a minimum of a 20x wagering requirement to be wagered for the bonus cash added. What this means for you that is you will still have to wager just to be able to keep that initial free cash bonus.

Welcome Casino added Bonuses

If you get a Welcome added Bonus of $25 after making a $100 deposit yourself and it has a 32x playthrough requirement you have to wager $4000 to be able to keep that $25 in bonus money. Again you will face the wager restrictions on both your money and the casino bonus recived.

Wagering/Playthrough Limitations

Wagering requirements on their own are complicated enough to understand and online casinos make it even harder by having different conditions that you must meet in order to satisfy the requirements for wagering. Most online casinos will discourage you from playing classic casino games, but will encourage you instead to play their slot machine games to meet your wagering requirements. The reason for this is that video slot machine games have a higher house edge attached to them. The house edge determines how likely it is for you to win money from the casino. A game with a high house edge favors the casino over the player itself, so casinos want you to play these games because they will make more money out of your bets. It is the goal of online casinos for you to lose all the money you get from the bonus they give you and you can see another example just below.

An example of this is if you play a game of Craps at an online casino and the game has a 1.4% house edge. This basically means that for every $100 you wager on their games you will end up losing 1.6 cents per wager, which means the casino is making that money off of you.

Games like Blackjacks and Craps have a lower house edge that doesn’t count as much towards your wagering requirements as other games would. The games that generally apply a 100% towards your wagering requirements include Keno and Video Slots. Games such as Pai Gow, Roulette and Sic Bo apply 50% to the wagering requirements and games such as Punto Banco/Baccarat and Blackjack apply 10% to the wagering requirements. The above percentages can vary however once you will check the terms of the casino chosen you will see that we did not go very far with our figures.

no casino bonusWhy You Shouldn’t Be Using Casino Bonuses

Casino bonus promotions vary in the amounts they offer to players however, you must keep in mind that a higher bonus amount requires you to bet more money in order to be able to keep the bonus money. The terms and conditions for any online casino bonuses must be carefully read and understood. You will have to study the fine print in order to determine the limitations a casino puts on their bonuses and in general avoiding casino bonuses is the best way to win the most amount of money.

Our strong advise is to maintain your casino account clean of any wager requirement restriction and have instead an honest and reliable cashback deal with cashback online casino. By doing so you will be protected against potential losses and be able to withdraw your money at any time. Now the choice is yours.


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