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April 2015

Betfair Casino

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Our new cashback offer in association with one of the leading gambling brand Betfair casino is one of the pioneers of online gambling and has developed the reputation of being a trustworthy and user-friendly online casino. It has garnered quite a lot of popularity among the gamblers over the years because of the quality of [...]

December 2014

Casino games with the best payout

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Best payout casino games When the movie 21 was released a few years ago, many people felt that maybe it really was possible to beat the casino. Based on a real-life account of a group of MIT students who won millions by working out a strategy for playing blackjack, the film caused the popularity of [...]

Most Popular Casino Games

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In this post we are going to review the Most Popular Casino Games including the casino house edge along with other pros and cons encountered during our analysis. Slot machines are the most popular gaming attraction at any casino, and perhaps this is not surprising, given the volume of machines across the country. The American Gaming Association polls casino visitors every [...]

June 2013

Win-win model is Cashback Online Casino

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Continue to win by choosing the only win-win model proposed by Cashback-Online-Casino. With our list of online casinos expanding every month our visitors have every day a better reason to sign up with the casinos promoted by Cashback-Online-Casino, the only real leader in cashback services for on line casino players. We currently offer cashback deals up to 35% to all our visitors on 6 of the greatest and most established casinos online. You can pick the one that suits best your gaming preferences, geographical location or sign up bonus however, you will have guaranteed all the times the best cash back deal to protect your finances on any net loss.

November 2012

Gambler – Be Tricky Be Wise

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gambler Gambling is an activity that involves betting on the outcome of any activity or contest. It is about playing a game to earn money or pay for the luck to win or lose. It is one of the oldest ways of entertainment. In the olden days, gambling was considered as the royal [...]

July 2012

Rolling 2 dice

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Cashback Offers List - Click here rolling 2 dice Rolling dice is something that is done in such games as craps or bank craps     When playing in a live casino you play on a craps table, and you would be the shooter.  For the most part, you will be [...]

June 2012

Casino deposit and withdraw

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When you are, looking to deposit any money into an online casino web-site you need to first look at all their terms and conditions for both deposit and withdrawals.  Most online casino type web sites will accept any major credit card and e-wallets.  There are some that will ask for your funding information [...]

Online very best games

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When you are searching for the online very best games, an online search will pull up literally hundreds of sites.  They, can be weeded through, until you find the top games online today.  There are review sites that tell what some of the online very best games are in their opinions.  The best [...]

Play the game of jacks

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If you are a poker fan, and have played video poker you have probably played the game of jacks.  This is not to be confused with the children’s game of jacks.  This is a game that is also called Jacks or better.  You start with 5 cards and are able to click on [...]

Games on percentages

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  Choose games on payout percentages   The actual payout percentage is an important factor to a casino player when looking, for a game and internet sites, to try out on-line. The payment amount signifies the amount of yield that an on line casino player will get after being successful on their bet. [...]

May 2012

Rules of Baccarat

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Baccarat is played with a six-deck or an eight-deck casino shoe. All face cards and 10s have no worth. Cards less than ten, are counted at face worth, Aces are worth one. Suits do not matter. Only individual digit values are valid. Any count that reaches a double digit declines the still left [...]

Play machine games

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When someone talks about being able to play machine games they are for the most part playing or talking about slot machines.  These are machines that, in a casino, you put your money or tokens in and pull the knob or press a button and wait for it to roll.  These are very [...]

Play to win

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When you are playing any online game, you are playing to win.  This is true whether you are playing for fun or for cash.  Playing to win is something everyone intends to do.  Playing at online casino game sites is where many people around the world play to have fun and learn the [...]