Cashback Online Casino has been the web leading casino cashback provider already for several years and recently new websites started to follow our example by offering casino cashback deals to online players. Beside the new and shining look of those websites, we  believe that their casino cashback offers are not as great as they look, we have therefore decided to share with you our findings in what our competitor websites are offering so you can compare which casino cashback website is actually giving you more. We hope that you will enjoy reading our analysis.


Do you like playing online casino games but have been losing far too much money playing them? Are you looking for a way forward to get back some of the cash that you could lose while playing online casino games? If your answer to these questions is yes then the casino cashback deals are the thing you need. With real casino cashback deals, you have the chance to get a portion of the money back that you have lost. This way, you will be able to cut back on your casino losses and can enjoy your casino games more as one part of your finances is always protected when playing.

The casino cashback deals work by offering you a percentage of the money that you have lost while playing the games with an online casino account that has been linked to the website offering you the casino cashback deal. The percentage of this rebate vary, top offers are generally around 20% and it is usually accompanied with a number of bonus offers made available by the casino brands.

How is it possible ?

The money paid back to you by the casino cashback websites comes from the commissions they get from the online casinos where you have been playing. The technical part is all done between the casino cashback website and the casino brands so the players interested in getting cashback deals only need to register using the link provided on the specific casino page.

Websites with Casino Cashback Deals

There are a number of websites on the internet that offer you the chance to avail casino cashback deals and get a rebate on the money you have lost. All you need to do is to register there and link your casino account with the website. You will find a number of great deals on these websites that are all going to offer you different amounts of rebate based on the amount you have deposited in your casino account and the amount you have lost while playing casino games. Some of the notable websites that offer the best casino cashback deals include:


Here at Cashback Online Casino we consider our offers to be the best when it comes to providing casino cashback deals to players. All of the offers available on our website are well-designed and can help you in regaining some of your cash at a higher rate than our competitors. A comparison of the cashback deals available on our website and the other top casino cashback deal providers would make it clear to you the Cashback Online Casino is the top choice available when it comes to choosing casino cashback deals.

Comparison of Best Casino Cashback Deals


InterCasino cashback deal is offered by Casino Bonuses Cashback, Cashbacker and by Cashback Online Casino. Casino Bonuses Cashback offers a 20% cashback while Cashbacker only offers a 10% cashback.

Cashback Online Casino provides:

  • 20% cashback
  • $10 extra on your first payment
  • The best thing is that there is no negative cashback, meaning that any negative balance generated is not going to get transferred to your cashback. Therefore, you can rest assured that there is not going to be a negative cashback as it will be reset to zero at the beginning of the month.
  • In addition to the cashback that you will get at InterCasino, you will also receive all the bonuses given to new players including:
    • Slot Lovers up to £600 welcome bonus
    • Up to £300 welcome bonus (applicable on table games only)
    • InterVIP promotions

Bonuses from Cashbacker: three different types of bonuses to the people that register their InterCasino accounts through it.

  • A 100% bonus on all £100 deposits,
  • 115% bonus on deposits greater than £100 and
  • up to £300 bonus on the first three deposits you make to your casino account.

Casino Bonuses Cashback also offers an array of bonuses to its users as well.

  • A signup bonus of 100% on deposits of up to $600

Sky Casino

Sky Casino cashback deal is offered by Cashbacker, Casino Bonuses Cashback and Cashback Online Casino. Casino Bonuses Cashback and Cashback Online Casino offer both 20% cashback while Cashbacker provides only a 10% cashback. The Sky brand that you will find at Casino Bonuses Cashback is the well known Sky Vegas while on Cashback Online Casino we promote the new Sky Casino.

The best feature of the Sky Casino cashback deal offered by Cashback Online Casino is no negative cashback. This means that if your account generates negative balance then it would not have an effect on your monthly cashback. Any negative account balance will be reset to zero at the beginning of the month meaning that no negative cashback is generated.

In addition to the cashback deals, there are various bonuses offered along with the Sky Casino cashback deal by these websites. For instance,

both Cashbacker and Casino Bonuses Cashback provide:

  • 200% bonus on casino deposits of up to £1,000
  • no-deposit bonus of £10 (this offer is available to Sky Vegas players).

Cashback Online Casino on the other hand has new bonuses to offer that will enhance your online gaming experience such as:

  • Free casino balance of £20
  • 100% on deposits of up to £500
  • Moreover, our exclusive 20% cashback deal.

Winner Casino

Winner-LogoWinner Casino cashback deal is offered by Quidco and Cashback Online Casino. While Cashback Online Casino offers a credible 20% cashback deal for people who register their accounts through it, Quidco only provides a £35 cashback for its account users, which is a single cashback of one off only . This is the reason why the cashback deal offered for Winner Casino by Cashback Online Casino is more valuable to any casino players.

This is not all, in terms of bonuses offered alongside the cashback deals as well the Cashback Online Casino proves to be a much better option to choose than Quidco or Cashbacker. The reason for this is that Quidco at the moment does not have any vouchers codes or offers available at the moment at its website and thus do not have any bonus to offer to its users except the fix cashback deal at £35. Cashbacker on the other hand only has bonuses of 200% (first) and 25% (second) to offer for deposits of up to £300.


Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace Casino cashback deal is offered only by Cashback Online Casino. Cashback Online Casino provides you a cashback of 16% for registering your Spin Palace Casino account. Moreover, no negative cashback. This means that if your casino winnings ever go in the negative column then you will not have to be worry about getting a negative cashback. Your account balance will be reset to zero for the next month and the negative casino account would be of no consequence.

Spin Palace

Cashbacker offers bonuses for linking your Spin Palace Casino account with their website but does not offer any cashback to Spin Palace players. The Cashbacker bonuses for Spin Palace Casino include 100% bonus on deposits of up to £150 and 125% bonus on deposits of up to £25. The Cashback Online Casino signup bonus deal offers you the chance to get up £1,000 in your casino account.

VIP Casino

VIP-casino-featuredVIP Casino cashback deal is offered by Cashbacker, Quidco and Cashback Online Casino. Cashbacker provides a cashback of 11.5%; Cashback Online Casino offers a cashback of 18% while Quidco gives you the chance to get a £20 fix cashback for the people that register their accounts through their website (one time only). So, it is quite evident that also for VIP Casino that Cashback Online Casino provides the higher deal to you and a much better offer than all the other websites that offer such deals. In addition to this, Cashback Online Casino offers another great advantage to its VIP Casino users, which is no negative cashback. The no negative cashback means that you will never have to worry about getting a negative cashback even if you have a negative balance in your casino account.

Besides the cashback deals for VIP Casino, Cashbacker and Cashback Online Casino also offer bonuses as well. You will get a $250 signup bonus from Cashback Online Casino while Cashbacker provides loyalty points in place of a concrete bonus. Quidco does not offer a bonus at all. It is easy one more time to see that when it comes to bonuses, Cashback Online Casino is by far the best choice.


On the five casino brands analysed we have demonstrated that Cashback Online Casino has the best cashback deals available for you and the combined deal (cashback plus all bonuses) are much higher than those offered by other cashback websites. We have done our part today showing you where you can pick the top casino cashback deal but of course the choice is only yours!

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