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Q: What is casino cashback ?

A:  Casino cashback is a portion of the money lost at on-line casinos which is credited back to the player.


Q: How is the cashback calculated ?

A:  Cashback is always calculated on the net losses faced by the player.


Q: What period of time shall I consider for my cashback payments ?

A:  All our cashback payment are based on the revenue accumulated from the first to the last day of each month. We will then pay cashback the following month according to the date shown on our website.


Q: Is there a minimum cashback amount required ?

A:  The minimum cashback required on a monthly basis is $5 or its currency equivalent.


Q: What happen if I do not meet the minimum cashback limit required ?

A:  No cashback will be credited for that specific month however, the following month you cashback calculation will start again from the amount rolled over.


Q: How do I receive confirmation that my cashback deal is active ?

A:   Once completed you enrolment form we will be able to confirm your registration via email.


Q: Are bonuses, special promotions and taxes included in my cashback payments ?

A:  No, bonuses, special promotions and taxes are not usually included in any cashback payment unless differently specified.


Q: I do not have a Moneybookers or Neteller account, where can I sign up for opening an e-wallet account ?

A:  To register your Moneybookers or Neteller account, please visit the following link and register today with the leading e-wallet company most used in the gaming industry.


Q: Why you should use our services ?

A:  Because if free of charge and you can save good money in case you generate net losses playing online casinos.


Q: Which payment method is accepted?

A: You can receive you cashback payments via Moneybookers, Neteller or PayPal.


Q: Why do I have to delete the cookies on my computer ?

A:  If you have previously visited the website where you decided to register, on your computer there could be saved cookies that will prevent the link to our affiliate account. For this reason we advise to delete cookies before landing on the website chosen.


Q: How many casino website I can have cashback with ?

A: If your registration is successfully completed following our procedure you can have cashback on all the casinos advertised by us.


Q: Is this service available in my country ?

A:  Our cashback service is available if your casino account is registered from our links and you have at least one of the payment method required to receive our cashback. If any of these 2 conditions cannot be meet unfortunately we will not be able to offer our cashback deals to you.


Q: What period is it covered to calculate each cashback payment ?

A:  The period is always 1 (one) calendar month.


Q: When is the cashback credited ?

A:  We pay cashback to our players every 15th day of the month. The cashback is calculated based on the net losses generated during the previous month.


Q: Do you transfer negative balances to the next months ?

A:  This rule change according to the casino. We have included details about negative in the registration page related to each casino. Please refer to this information to check if your account winnings will be rolled over to the next month.



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