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PayPal for Online Casino Players

Posted by Cashbackadmin on September 28th, 2014 at 9:41 pm

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Since online gambling requires making regular deposits into a casino of the player’s choice and often requires making withdrawals as well it is important to be able to make those deposits and withdrawals when necessary. Regardless of how a player chooses to deposit or withdraw money they must take into consideration factors such as speed, security and ease.

All three of these factors come into play when one uses PayPal to deposit and withdraw money at the online casino of their choice. PayPal is very reliable when it comes to the speed, security and ease of which a transaction can be made, regardless of whether or not it is a withdrawal or deposit. Since 1998 PayPal has been allowing people to make transactions online that are always safe and secure. When PayPal first came to life it was used only to purchase items from eBay and, later on, to contribute to various charities.

The use of PayPal in the online gambling world is fairly new. In 2003 PayPal suspended all online gambling transactions but they later reversed that decision in 2010. This allows players to participate in online gambling in states that is allowed by law.

As of today there are only a selected number of online casinos that are willing to take deposits through PayPal. However, in the near future many more of the leading online casinos are expected to start accepting PayPal transactions from their players. BetFair Casino is one of the online casinos that are currently accepting PayPal for casino players to make deposits and withdrawals. BetfFair now accepts PayPal due to the safety and security of using it for online transactions as well as the flexibility it offers players and its popularity among those players, especially throughout the U.K.


Benefits of Online Gaming With PayPal

The key benefits of using PayPal for withdrawals and deposits in online casinos are three-fold:

Security: A PayPal account is basically what is called an e-wallet and it avoids players having to give their debit or credit card information to third parties. It is simple to make a payment on a PayPal account. There is also the option of linking a PayPal account to one’s bank account. Either way players can then safely use Paypal to participate in online gaming. PayPal will only work with sites willing to meet their criteria for safety and security, so it is a secure and reliable way to gamble online. This means any online casino that accepts PayPal is one that can be trusted by players.

Ease: Many currencies are accepted by PayPal and PayPal can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connected computer. Usually when a debit card is used in the UK no fees are associated with the use of the card. Other cards often carry fees even if they are small ones. Germany is one country where PayPal is a popular form of payment.

Speed: It is not unusual for any transaction made with a PayPal account to go through right away. For this reason many online gamers are finding that signing up for an account with Betfair Casino using their Paypal account will get them playing in no time.

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