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Play the game of jacks

Posted by admin on June 25th, 2012 at 8:26 pm

the game of jacks

the game of jacks

If you are a poker fan, and have played video poker you have probably played the game of jacks.  This is not to be confused with the children’s game of jacks.  This is a game that is also called Jacks or better.  You start with 5 cards and are able to click on or save the cards you want to hold onto.  Spin for the remaining cards with the hope that you will get a pair of jacks, or better, to win.


When playing the game of jacks on a video poker table or website, you make a wager, and if you win it pays out.  The idea is to get at least a pair of jacks the game will have a payout table so that you know of what to try to get and how much you want to bet. There are times when people have losses at online poker and game sites, just like in real live tables and machines.


We aid you to recover some of those losses.  Cashback Online Casino offers a free service and will pay you a percentage of your losses for the month, when playing at one of our affiliated online gaming sites.  The pay out into your Moneybookers, PayPal, or Netteller account on the 15th of each month. This is for losses from the month prior.  If you do not have losses, there is no payout.  It is as easy as registering on the web site and playing on all the different the sites that are connected to us.


The highest paying hand for the game of jacks is the royal flush.  This is the hardest to get and so it payout the most.  You can easily get 2 pair or 3 of a kind.  The more you bid the more you could win.  Click on the cards that you wish to keep or hold and then click on the draw, the new cards, come up, and if they are better than or complete a possible straight or flush, you have won. This is game of jacks is easy to play and fun game.

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