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Deposit money into casino

Deposit money into casino

Deposit money into casino


When you have decided that you want to play an online game at a casino type website, you may also decide that you wish to deposit money into an account for that game.  There are some countries that have limitations on this ability and so watch and read for the requirements and rules about this.  All respectable casino sites advertised on Cashback Online Casino will accept any major credit card or even a bank account for bank wire transfers.  They will generally verify it and then your funds are available for you to use while playing for real cash stakes.


When you want to deposit money into your account, first you must create the account with the online site that you like playing at. You will be asked, if you want to make a real or cash deposit.  If you do, then continue to fill out the information to deposit money into that account.  The money that you have put into this account can be used for any games that you wish to play.  When or if you run low on funds you can make deposit money into that account the same way, and keep playing with your new account.


If there comes a time, that you lose during the progress of a month, and the online site is affiliated with Cashback Online Casino we provide a % of cashback when a player has net loss over the month. This offer is for an amazing percentage to our members that enroll on our web page. We offer this at no charge, like a gaming insurance to gamers while you are taking part in at websites with which we are associated. Compensation goes into the Moneybookers, PayPal, or Netteller account at the 15th of each one month.


Before you deposit currency into your account, it is an extremely good idea to know what their rules and requirements are.  Exactly how they do and when they do any payouts.  Winning is certainly fun, but you do not wish to deposit money into an account that you cannot get it out of.  Read the terms and conditions before giving any financial or credit card information or to be always on the safe side register only with the online casinos advertised by Cashback Online Casino. We promote only gaming websites with the highest standards of security licensed in Europe so you can be sure your funds are well protected every time you deposit money into the casino account. As always Cashback Online Casino promotes gaming in the safest way. Get cashback from Cashback Online Casino however, we remind you to deposit only the amounts you can afford to loose without putting under any risk your financial stability.


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Play machine games

Play machine games

When someone talks about being able to play machine games they are for the most part playing or talking about slot machines.  These are machines that, in a casino, you put your money or tokens in and pull the knob or press a button and wait for it to roll.  These are very popular and are also now on most all on line gaming web sites.  When you play machine games, you are playing a game of chance.  There are literally thousands of different games that can be played.


The online gaming web sites have hundreds of machine games to play.  There are free slots that range from games like Spiderman, fruit machines, traditional games to poker.  They all have a different appeal to different people.  When you play machine games you can play free games or you can play for real money.  You would have to put cash into an account. Then if, you win, you would get a payout.


There are times while you play machine games that you may have losses, and there is no payout then.  Cashback online casino is certainly one site, which gives a percent of cashback when a player has net losses all through the month. We offer a particular percentage to members that have set up an account on the website. Our website is a zero cost service to members while you are playing at sites that are affiliated. Pay outs go into the Moneybookers, PayPal, or Netteller accounts at the Fifteenth of each and every month.


Being able to play machine games is something that has been around since around 1963.  They have gained popularity and have become one of the major staples in any casino.  They started out as a machine that the lever had to be pulled to the now touchscreen.  These machine games are entertaining to play and can be a very enjoyable means of entertainment. With the online websites offering these slots and being able to play machine games online has made playing something you no longer have to travel to do whether you play for fun or cash.


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different cashback dealWe are different… no, we really are different!

When browsing the internet looking for casino cashback offers you could find other websites promoting cashback deals with online casinos so you could wonder how can we claim to be unique in our services and why  we are different than other websites promoting casino cashback ? Well fair question, so to start with there is a substantial difference from a cashback deal offered by casino companies and our cashback offers. Our cashback monthly reward offered by Cashback Online Casino is credited to you for life and it is separate from any other cashback deal promoted directly by the casino. This means that if during a specific month one of our casinos will run a cashback promotion, you will always be entitle to both our cashback deal as well as the cashback promotion run by the casino company.

Cashback deals promoted by casinos can be limited to a specific period of time and/or to a list of games the casino company wish to promote etc… Our cashback instead is only linked to your net loss generated with your player account during the month so, when a casino is running a cashback promotion and you will close your monthly bankroll with net losses you could potentially receive cashback twice, once from the casino site and once from us! This is only possible on our website because we offer our own independent cashback deals as direct agreement between us (Cashback Online Casino ) and our players.


Cashback deals and offers that you will find on other websites, will be limited to a specific period of time or often they just promote and refer you to cashback offers organised  by online casinos not by the affiliate websites. There is a very small opportunity there … in fact once your cashback bonus is over you will be treated as any other casino player and no additional cashback will be received once the casino cashback promotion will be over. We are different in this! And we really are … When your casino account registration is completed from Cashback Online Casino, your cashback deal with us is for life and you will be treated by us as a very special player when you need it the most! We will be supporting you during bad months in a real and tangible way, crediting back to you a part of your money deposited.

Choose to play safely, get the real cashback deal and reduce to the very minimum your losses on casino games. Complete your casino account registration from Cashback Online Casino… try our services, we are different!


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Save on casinos gamingOne week since we launched our cashback services for casinos gaming websites and we gladly start this post by saying a warm welcome to our very first users whom started this week-end to benefit from our cashback services. It is very exciting for us to see already some players showing their appreciation and trust about our cashback service available for the most trusted casinos gaming sites.

We would like to let you know today about some important information and “must have”  that will be required for you in order to receive our cashback offers.


no_under_18 casinos gaming

No under age casinos gaming. First of all we only provide our service to players from the age of 18 years + so, if you you are lucky enough to be younger than 18 please note that your registration will not be allowed by any reputable online casino and definitely you will not be allowed to play on any casinos gaming site promoted by us.  It is a little too early for you to start playing but you are welcome to come back after you have celebrated you 18th birthday.


wallet casinos gamingE-wallet… essential to any player. When playing on casinos gaming websites the safest and easiest way to complete your deposits and withdrawals is by using an e-wallet. Most casinos gaming websites often promotes the use of e-wallets due to the fact that you can complete real money transactions in a secure environment cutting out any risk related to card payments such as fraud, chargebacks and the somehow uncomfortable feeling of entering your credit/debit card details online. Beside the incredible convenience of making deposit and cash outs of winnings in real time with no risk, your e-wallet will be an essential tool for you to receive cashback credits from us. The most used e-wallets by trusted casinos gaming sites are Moneybookers (new name Skrill) or Neteller. We currently use those 2 payment methods to process your monthly casino cashback credits however we are planning to expand in the future the range of e-wallets available.


A little knowledge in on-line casinos. If this is your very first experience in registering an account for playing with an on casino, maybe you will have the impression that receiving cashback could be a little too complicated for you. We are here to let you know that this is not the case as once your registration with the casino company is completed from our links, you will only need a little knowledge to familiarise with the gaming sites chosen and the rest will be all done and automated by us. By following step by step the easy instructions published on our site, we will confirm your new registration via email and calculate every month the amount of casino cashback due.


Your common sense when playing casino games. The cashback service we offer is valid for life so players sometimes could be tempted to play a little extra than how much they can afford as our cashback refunds will be applied on casino losses. This kind of approach to play casinos gaming it is not recommended as exceeding your budgets could put your financial situation at risk. We advise any players to see our cashback offers as a great incentive that will ensure a portion of your losses will be protected however, we strongly advise to always deposit and play only with funds that will maintain safe your finances. Our cashback deals should be seen as a free insurance against casino losses and we aim to provide a service to help players reducing possible losses of cash. We believe that even if your cashback deal is a great help to save money, a little common sense from the player will be essential to keep healthy your financial situation. Playing with moderation is not a problem and it is even more fun when you know that we can back you up in case of losses. Our main recommendation is to enjoy your favourite game responsibly.


our cashback offers


casino-cashback-moneyProviding top cashback casino offers to our players is our main focus and now that our cash back service is up and running we will do our very best to ensure you will not find any better place to receive your casino cashback.

Top cashback service from Cashback Online Casino doesn’t mean only getting cashback promotions… top cashback for us is support 7 days per week to our players, top cashback from Cashback Online Casino equals to exclusive promotions while playing safely your favourite casino games and much more!

As we have only launched our website this week and we are still in the process of setting up new exclusive bonus and promos that soon will be available to our players. All promotions will also be an addition to the existing bonuses assigned to casino players, we will be glad to promote our list of unique casino bonuses based on both: top cashback players and sign up. We are currently drafting ideas for our exclusive casino promotion and we are positive to attract many new users hunting for casino top cashback + casino bonuses + dedicated support from a strong affiliate website like Cashback Online Casino.

We have received already several enquiries asking if the cashback provided by Cashback Online Casino is deducted or combined in any way with the cashback promotions initiated and promoted directly by some of our casinos like Intercasino or Spin Palace. We confirm with the present post that any cashback sent directly by the casino companies to our players are in addition to our cahback offers. This means that if during the month you will be entitle to receive cashback directly from any casino that we advertise we will also give you an additional cashback (based on net losses as usual) as advertised by us.

At present our choice of top cashback casino offers includes the following companies which are already well established in the industry and their business is running with a great reputation since the late 90s.

Intercasino Cashback

Spin Palace Cashback

Europa Casino Cashback

VIP Casino Cashback

Ruby Fortune Casino Cashback

You are only one step away from receiving your top cash-back offers and we simplified the process to make it as quick as possible! Complete today your registration by following the easy process as explained in our pages.

our cashback offers



Casino Cashback what it is and how to use the new service offered by Cashback Online Casino.
If you are not very familiar in general with on-line casinos, it could be a little hard for you to understand the concept of Casino Cashback however, since we decided to divulgate a new idea we are also prepared and dedicated to make our cashback way of saving as clear as possible to everyone, regardless of your knowledge and previous experience in online gaming. On our posts we will cover extensively how our Casino Cashback works to understand with examples and specification the overall process in every single detail. This post is sponsored by PS Vita

Ok let’s start! When you sign up to receive special offers or promotions being referred from one website to another, you are usually linked to the website that originally advertised the specific offer. This process in online marketing is called affiliation and implies a commission going from the advertised company to the advertiser, exactly like in any other sales commission structure in the real world.

Cashback Online Casino works as an on-line advertiser, promoting leading casino companies and bringing new players to those companies. As compensation for the referral process initiated by us, Cashback Online Casino receive funds from advertised companies (our casino list) based on the net revenue generated to them by referred players. At this point our Casino Cashback reward steps in sending back to our players some of the commissions we have received.

Instead of keeping for us the full amount of commissions received, we have decided to keep only a very small part (usually about 5%), and to send back to our players the majority of the commissions received as cashback payments. In other words our Casino Cashback is simply a reward scheme for choosing Cashback Online Casino instead of any other affiliate website and we offer to our players Casino Cashback credits every month if the player will leave the casino with net losses.


Casino Cashback works very much like a free insurance to play online, in fact every time you generate profits and close the calendar month with casino winnings we will not charge you anything and you can happily spend and enjoy your casino winnings however, when instead you have to face less fortunate months ending up with net monthly losses we will refund a percentage of your deposits, reducing the amount lost.

This is what we mean when we say that only with Cashback Online Casino you can be in the real WIN WIN casino situation. Making  cash by playing online casino is great and we all know the amazing sensation of standing up from the table with a large sum of winings however, getting back a portion of your money lost is also pretty good as it will clean a bit of the bitter flavour left by any  unlucky month!… keep in mind that we have cashback offers of up to 20%!

Please keep reading our blog pages as we will reopen soon the subject with more examples and details about how Casino Cashback works however, if you have in the main time additional questions, please direct your enquiries to our support team using our Contact us page.


Cashback Online Casino Team