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top Cashback

top Cashback

No doubt, casino and gambling sites are incomplete without bonuses as it is the most appealing aspect of the online gambling sites or casinos. In other words, it is a model for online sites to thank their players for choosing them. It is a sign of gratitude for their patrons and they reload their casino accounts with some deposits time to time. These offers are commonly available in various sizes and shapes based on the casino software, brand, target audience and the nature of the game.

One of the most attractive and highly acceptable bonuses that attract the online gambling enthusiasts is the top Cashback offer. This promotion technique is gaining popularity and is the most sought after bonus by gamblers just because of its profitable nature. This is a kind of bonus that gives back a portion of cash to the player. The cash is granted back to the players who lost cash during their online casino session. It is mainly awarded in the form of credits or cash thus, enabling the players to carry on with their gambling session.

One of the top Cashback service providers over the internet is Cashback Online Casino. We are specialists and experts in the gambling industry and made a stunning entry into the casino world. We made all the arrangements to boost your casino experience by offering a good percentage of reimbursement to the player or gambler over a definite time period. The interesting and most appealing fact about Cashback Online Casino is it offers a lifetime top Cashback to entertain its players royally.

Some of the online casinos have specified the VIP levels or have created some differentiation for the Cashback bonuses. As the players step up to higher levels Cashback percentage increases but, Cashback Online Casino offers top Cashback to all its members or players equally. They aim to cheer up the players who have lost money in their gambling session. All in all registrations with this platform is a win-win deal and has attracted players across the globe. Cashback Online Casino apart from top Cashback also promotes a range of leading casinos like Europa casino, Spin palace, InterCasino and Ruby fortune and VIP Casino .




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our cashback offers



Rules of Baccarat

Rules of Baccarat

Baccarat is played with a six-deck or an eight-deck casino shoe. All face cards and 10s have no worth. Cards less than ten, are counted at face worth, Aces are worth one. Suits do not matter. Only individual digit values are valid. Any count that reaches a double digit declines the still left digit. Fifteen is counted as 5 and 25 is additionally counted as five.


To begin the rules of baccarat: the players bet on either bank or perhaps player or Standoff. The card dealer gives two cards each; first for the player and then the banker.

Another card is dealt out to either or both the participant and the bank agreeing to the following three card rules. In the event that the player or the bank have a total of 8 or Nine on the first two cards, simply no additional cards are usually drawn. The hand is named a natural and the hand is over.

If the players, baccarat total is less than or equal to five, the player’s hand draws another card.
If the participant doesn’t draw a third card, then the bank’s hand stands on Six or more and also takes a third card on the total of five or under. The gamer will take another card then the Bank’s third-card rules listed below determines when the bank takes a 3rd card.
Bank’s third-card rules

When the bank’s baccarat total is 2 or less then bank draws a card, it doesn’t matter what the players third card is.
When the banks baccarat total is three then the bank draws another card only if the players 3rd card was an 8.
If the banks baccarat total is four, then the bank draws another card unless, of course, the players 3rd card was a 0, 1, 8, or 9 according to the baccarat rules.
The banks total is five then the bank draws a third card when the participant’s third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.
If the banks total is six, then the bank draws another card when the players 3rd card was a 6 or 7.
The banks total is seven then the bank stands.

Cashback Online Casino offers a percentage of net losses that are acquired while playing at the affiliated sites.  The payouts that cashback returns as a free service are on the 15th of the month following the losses.

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our cashback offers

casino-cashback-moneyProviding top cashback casino offers to our players is our main focus and now that our cash back service is up and running we will do our very best to ensure you will not find any better place to receive your casino cashback.

Top cashback service from Cashback Online Casino doesn’t mean only getting cashback promotions… top cashback for us is support 7 days per week to our players, top cashback from Cashback Online Casino equals to exclusive promotions while playing safely your favourite casino games and much more!

As we have only launched our website this week and we are still in the process of setting up new exclusive bonus and promos that soon will be available to our players. All promotions will also be an addition to the existing bonuses assigned to casino players, we will be glad to promote our list of unique casino bonuses based on both: top cashback players and sign up. We are currently drafting ideas for our exclusive casino promotion and we are positive to attract many new users hunting for casino top cashback + casino bonuses + dedicated support from a strong affiliate website like Cashback Online Casino.

We have received already several enquiries asking if the cashback provided by Cashback Online Casino is deducted or combined in any way with the cashback promotions initiated and promoted directly by some of our casinos like Intercasino or Spin Palace. We confirm with the present post that any cashback sent directly by the casino companies to our players are in addition to our cahback offers. This means that if during the month you will be entitle to receive cashback directly from any casino that we advertise we will also give you an additional cashback (based on net losses as usual) as advertised by us.

At present our choice of top cashback casino offers includes the following companies which are already well established in the industry and their business is running with a great reputation since the late 90s.

Intercasino Cashback

Spin Palace Cashback

Europa Casino Cashback

VIP Casino Cashback

Ruby Fortune Casino Cashback

You are only one step away from receiving your top cash-back offers and we simplified the process to make it as quick as possible! Complete today your registration by following the easy process as explained in our pages.

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