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It is almost the end of the month and it could be almost time for payday for some of you. There are opportunities for you to have an early pay day with some of the finest casino promotions from Casino of Dreams Casino Club.

Reward systems, welcome bonuses and free spins, combine that with our cashback offers and you can significantly increase your chances of refilling your wallet up.

Casino of Dreams

Casino of Dreams are new boys on the block. This can often mean that they will feel that they have a lot to prove on the casino scene meaning that there will be some fantastic promotions and this is no different here.

Casino Club


This is a tiered reward progression system that truly rewards loyal and dedicated players. There are 5 levels or 5 stars. The stars are to give it an easy visual look without having to read it, and if don’t want to call it stars it’s actually named level 5. After a certain amount of game time, Casino of Dreams will email you letting you know that you have been promoted to the next membership level!

Loyalty Points: Every time you wager you earn loyalty points. These points can be exchanged for casino bonuses. They are converted in 500 increments. 500 grants you £5 casino bonus. You will typically earn 100 at a time, which are worth £1. Once you have a minimum of 500 points, you may claim.

Bonus Monday: This is the first promotion where you will start to see the benefits of having a higher level membership. Level 1 members will not be eligible to bonus Mondays. Level 2 onwards are eligible but the rewards increase as the membership does.

However they give you an opportunity by jumping straight to a level 2 membership so that you are not left out in the Bonus Monday fun. Deposit £20 and instantly become a level 2 member on Bonus Monday.

Level 2 grants you a £5 bonus, level 5 grants you a £50 bonus.

Free Spins Thursday: This promotion every Thursday gives you free spins on a variety of featured game. For example, level 2 rewards you with 10 free spins on Suntide. Where as level 3 gifts you 15 free spins on reel spinner.

Just like Bonus Monday, Free Spins Thursday gives you the opportunity to become a level 2 member by depositing £20. Free Spins Thursday is only eligible to level 2 members and up.

Birthday Bonus: This is a very nice personal touch from Casino of Dreams. Receive Free Spins on your birthday! Again, only level 2 members are eligible and likewise you can deposit £20 on your birthday to become an instant level 2 member. This Birthday Bonus allows you have up to 50 free spins, now that is a birthday treat.

Slot Tournament: This event is exclusive to the big players. Only level 4 & 5 members can enter this tournament, making this a tournament dedicated to the more experienced or dedicated players. The great thing however if you are a level 4 & 5 member is that it is completely free to enter.

The prizes are hefty and this is a great incentive for you to want to climb the membership levels. The only thing required for you to do is to make a deposit of at least £20 within 7 days prior to the tournament. Once you have done that, just simply log in on the Tuesday or Wednesday to take part.

Make sure you are at a computer though, as it does not support smart phones or tablets.

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